Cosmote & Nova FullPack (3x Backups)

Since 40% of the customer base of the old YourAccDealer IPTV (as informed from the previous admins) is from Greece, we invested in some quality servers and streaming links.

The majority of the channels, especially Sports Channels have 3x Backups each. Meaning streaming Sports Channels in Greece will be way easier. The channels come with 2 Qualities, HD & FHD

Channel Example

– Cosmote Sports 1 HD
– Cosmote Sports 1 FHD
– Cosmote Sports 1 FHD (Backup)

With the new streaming server there is hardly and streaming delay or buffering. An internet Line above 25 mb/s is recommended for proper streaming.

Also, support will be available daily, feel free to contact us about a non-working channel and we will try our best to fix it

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